If you ever feel sad just remember that Snape had to teach Luna potions too


#Harry Potter#oh my god this must have been DELECTABLE#cuz everything just rolls of her back#he wouldn’t have been able to break her like he did so many others#and you know she would have interrupted him every few minutes with weird things#‘professor I think we need to be more careful of the flibbertijibbets’#‘they’re attracted to the beetle barbs we’re using and they could cause an itching epidemic in everyone’s left nostril’#‘miss Lovegood flibbertijibbets do not exist’#‘much like your final grade if you do not cease this foolishness’#‘if you say so professor’#‘but I think my left nostril is already starting to itch’#and because talking about itching makes itching happen#(or maybe flibbertijibbets do exist who am I to say)#everyone’s left nostril starts itching#panic spreads slowly through the classroom#what are flibbertijibbets??#are they dangerous???#Snape loses control of the class#and eventually comes to realize he has to play along with Luna’s concerns#or else every class will dissolve into chaos#‘miss Lovegood it is impossible for flibbertijibbets to enter this classroom’#‘I have set up a number of wards’#‘oh alright professor…but did you hang the rosemary on the lintel?’#’it’s really the only way to distract them sufficiently’#and then he realizes he has to actually figure out what she expects so he can counter it and keep control of the class#he has to start reading the Quibbler#he accidentally ends up legitimizing everything Luna believes in#SO THERE’S A NEW FAVOURITE HEADCANON#sorry if I made you itchy#ChimaWrita (x)

Thank you for all of this


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