6 months ago today…


I was at a loss. Bowie had left us, I was sad, lonely, and feeling isolated by friends and family who didn’t really care at all. I tuned in to The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon to lift my spirit.
Out of nowhere. This motherfucker wearing skinny jeans, heels, and a blurred out button up shirt appears from the curtains with this absolute ear-to-ear grin like its the best day of his life.
Fast-forward ten days, I can’t get this character out of my mind, so I google him and find out he’s gonna be in Boston. So, mulling over the thought of “wouldn’t that be interesting,” I search around and find this show of his on YouTube.
It goes blurry from there. I was completely turned on my head. I fell hard for all of it.

I’ll stop before I get sentimental and spiritual and personal, but I guess what I’m trying to get at is what a gift these 6 months have been getting to witness and admire Noel and his creative force, and to be able to shake his hand in Boston. What a high!! He has truly helped me through good times and hardships. Here’s to many more months of being an avid admirer, and to all the amazing comedians, movies, musicians, and actors I’ve been introduced to because of him.


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