#man#this is such a look#clearly violet#a modernized version but still#jfc i never thought of violet still having chest hair#maybe she has less but oh man here i go#bea nuzzling her face along the dusting of hair in violet’s modest cleavage#*blushes*#imagine artists who hire her as a model#and they just don’t even know what to do with themselves#because she’s so unusual yet they HAVE TO PAINT HER#she has some sort of flapper-witch gossip about her throughout the speakeasies and clubs#between her and bea people are ready to believe they aren’t quite human#and their appearance sure as hell informs that#*flails* i’ve overhwhelmed myself

(via @old-supermodel-lipps)

WHAT A COINCIDENCE, just the other day I was talking about how Viola would have fuzzy dark hair on her upper thighs– because she surely shaves her legs, trendy thing that she is, and that just starting to come into fashion, but only on the bits that show. And how much Bea would enjoy nuzzling that, all weirdly pleased that she gets to do so.

But OMG save me Viola with a little bit of chest hair!!!!!!!!!!! And yessssss, she totally would be an artists’ model in her spare time, I absolutely believe it. AND THOSE RUMOURS. They do work in that Naboo’s club, after all, and live there as well by all accounts (living in the cheap little flat above– not quite the same thing, but close enough), and even those who don’t know what precisely Naboo’s deal is know that he’s… more than human. Or less, depending. Between the clientèle that frequent his club and the fact that the bouncer’s a gorilla, it’s not such a leap to suppose that Bea and Viola maybe aren’t quite human as well.

(Viola is DELIGHTED by these rumours; Bea just blinks and wrinkles her nose a little and looks down at herself. ‘You would take that as a compliment.’)


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