hey sorry if you’re not doing these any more but have you written or could you perhaps write about deborah’s thoughts leading up to when she meets maurice at the hospital based on the last few minutes of episode 6?? adored the hospital scene you wrote for amy and donald!



The doorman followed her to the car, and loaded the boot with the suitcases.  She was occupied by listening.  She returned to the older tapes, the memories, and pressed the headphones close until the foam stuck in her ears, heavy and humid. 

‘Thank you,’ passed automatically from her lips, as she locked the doors and turned the key.  She slid the final cassette into the car’s deck.

She was trying to hear it.  The moment Maurice ran out of life.  It must’ve clicked somewhere, at a specific moment, and she wanted to get close.  Or work backward to bridge the gap between happy-sounding memories and the sad ones.  There had to be a day when it stopped, and she felt somewhat bad for missing it entirely, ignoring it in favour of artificial happiness and moving too fast. 

This tape contained the beach holiday.  She swore she could hear grains of sand catching between the reel and the teeth, but no sadness.  She remembered the way the sun fought through clouds, the exact colour of Amy’s swimming costume, the box of snacks and inventions Donald helped her pack that morning, but no sadness.  Recalling Maurice’s face was a struggle; he sponsored so many recordings but succumbed to so few photographs.  Had he been happy?  Neutral, even?

Maurice, her recorded voice said, get the happiness machine!

And he laughed, brittle and shy.  His laugh had always been that way, although she could not place the last time she’d heard it. 

Amy! he began, Amy, wait for me!

The recording ended, and the car ejected the finished tape.  Deborah sighed heavily and pressed it in again. 

While she had a lot of questions and inconsistencies, she was certain of one thing.  She was glad that Maurice got to Amy first, to the point she cried with relief. 

“Wait for me,” she said softly.

OHGOD, Sally, this kills me so hard. That thing of not being able to recall, and feeling like she ought to, searching for a moment, a specific moment, because then she could at least… something. Knowing that Maurice’s laugh had always sounded like that, but not being able to remember the last time she heard it. Suddenly doubting her own memories, whether the ones that had felt happy at the time, that sounded happy in the recordings– had they been? Or had Maurice been helpless and miserable even then? Had she chosen to ignore it with her own coping methods of frantic, forced happiness?

OH MY GODDDDDD, OH MY GOD. But then recognising that bond between Amy and Maurice and being so, so thankful for that, at least. Even if everything else is incomprehensible and frightening, at least there’s that.

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