Just turn on with me and you’re not aloneLet’s turn on with me and you’re not aloneGimme your hands ’cause you’re wonderfulGimme your hands ’cause you’re wonderfulOh gimme your hands (Was gonna go with something glittery and whimsical but then this one whispered to me)



Seriously, thank you. That happens to be a particular favorite song of mine, and especially that section, because it just… is this wonderful, amazing opening up to the universe and the people around and offering empathy and support and acceptance in this sort of cosmic way. It gives me the chills when I watch the video of Bowie singing it live in Tokyo.

Which is probably way more than you expected to get in response, but yeah, I love that lyric a lot and I am delighted it whispered to you and made you think of me. ❤ ❤ ❤

<33333 Whisper it did, and I’m so glad I chose the right one!


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