Think of advent-garde style crusaders at the fashion front line, and Eskimos will be at the bottom of your list. But The Book – aka acclaimed comedian Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt – disagree.

“I think pop start, especially Ian Brown or Richard Ashcroft, have just nicked the Eskimo look,” says Noel. And Bjork as well – though she may be an actual Eskimo. But they’ve all got the big fur coat and massive parkas.”

“And moonboots,” adds Julian. “They’re big now – Eskimos are responsible for all of these.”

Clothes-wise, the comedy dup can empathise with the Inuit after trudging though “frozen wastelands” in their Perrier Award-nominated Arctic Boosh tour.

“We did about 150 shows – running about under intense lighting with massive furs on,” says Noel. “We sweated off pounds of weight.”

Now in more conservative menswear, Julian admits it’s not his usual style. “I’m a secondhand boy. I love the smells of charity shops: urine, old ladies’ knickers, dusty Kajagoogoo records.”

Noel nods in agreement, despite and ugly experience in a thrift shop while at the Montreal Comedy Festival. “I was trying on these trousers, and the woman kept leaning on this low door, passing over more shirts. We were chatting away for about half an hour, when I realised my boxer shorts had, well, fallen open. My cock and balls were just hanging there, for all to see.


“I hope she thoughts it was just an ‘English’ thing.”

Fitting rooms are obviously a pet hate: “They’re always lit in a terrible way,” continues Noel, starting to rant. “They make you look like a pasty, knackered shit. If I had a shop I’d light them dramatically, so
you’d think ‘Wow, I look amazing. Either that, or hang a portrait of you
looking really great.”

“I always find expensive shops intimidating,” says Julian, joining in with enthusiasm. “And when the assistant’s dressed in a cape, looking like the Count of Monte Cristo, you can’t help feeling inferior: ‘Please sir, can I try this on?’ Ludicrous.”

Noel’s already admitted earing a cape under his clothes, perhaps there’s something of a theme emerging here. So if the duo’s other incarnation – the award-winning Mighty Boosh – was a superhero, would he wear the cape?

“Definitely,” said Julian. “Then a woollen top hat, and some hipsters…chainmail hipsters.”

“He’d also have Polos for eyes,” adds Noel, obviously thinking
hard. “And fish tendrils. And a suede eyepatch. Plus silver fingerless gloves.”

“And…moonboots,” says Noel, staring into space. “It’s
that Eskimo influence again.”

“silver band, Noel’s own” ♥ I’ve always wondered about that silver band. he used to wear it like it was glued to his wrist in the baby boosh days

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