I swear I just shed a tear cause my soul was just touched. 😢


UGH!!!! all too fucking accurate

Shaving your vagina hacks:
1) Don’t use shaving cream. It leaves too much stubble. Use conditioner instead.
2) always use a fresh razor. If one isn’t available you can hone your razor by rubbing it in the opposite direction that you shave in on your jeans or similar fabric. Make sure it’s sharp!
3) To avoid a rash/razor burn, apply unscented stick deodorant in the direction of hair growth after you towel off.

^ god bless you

seconding the deoderant trick, helps with ingrowns too

Im gonna add more onto here bc everyone deserves a shaved coochie that is smooth and non-irritated okay:
– if your hair is really thick or hasn’t been shaved for a while i’d advise trimming it a bit before you start shaving.
– it is suggested that when you shave you go in the direction the hair grows but then wait, that doesn’t actually remove much hair?? So I usually do it sideways going from one side to the other, so you aren’t going against the grain but are still removing the hair.
– deffo use conditioner as it states above, i’ve also heard of people using coconut oil? But i haven’t tried that yet so idk how well it works.
– okay so you shaved your coochie and it looks so cute so the next thing is, as soon as you step out the bath/shower get a wet flannel as cold as you can handle (i usually get this ready in the sink before i get in the bath/shower) and basically just pat the whole area with the cold water (DO NOT RUB) this helps close all the pores straight away and soothes the irritation.
– the next step is to moisurise. Use something really gentle on the skin, unscented is best. I use baby oil but please don’t use that unless you don’t plan on having sex using condoms as ~baby oil erodes condoms~ again some people use coconut oil.
– Don’t ever put any oils, conditioner, moisturiser inside your vagina or like near your vulva like don’t even use any product at all past the external labia please.
– usually if this is the first time you have done it or you haven’t for a while let your skin settle a week or so if not longer as some irritation will likely occur and you don’t want to be shaving over the top of that.
Trust me, I tried to shave at 14 and had no idea how to do it and ended up in a mess.
Reblog to save a coochie.

reblog to save a coochie

Thank you

Coconut oil works wonders btw.

Started this post like ‘yes I will reblog because I can relate’ and ended it like ‘yes I will reblog for valuable information’

I don’t care that this is nsfw some girls need to shave down there as it can irritate your skin and cause other problems.


Rebloggin in support of the coconut oil trick!!! I have used coconut oil to shave for like ever now and it’s so amazing!! it also leaves your skin really soft and smooth!!

every coochie matters ❤

also just because some ppl shave their coochie it doesn’t mean you have to

hairy coochies matter too

also just general pubic area because not only cis girls shave

unless coochie means pubic area?


most of this post is an eye roll but ill reblog some tips n tricks 4 anyone who shaves


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