nip slip

“Big ol’ nipple.”

OK, someone explain to me why it was so awful for the audience to see Noel’s nipple? They show bare breasts on the BBC all the time. Why should his Joan Jett jumpsuit nip-slip be a problem? Is it really because “Tits aren’t funny”?

I didn’t mind. Did you? 😉

Oh, and look how beautiful he is. 

It’s because he’s “the woman.” 🙂 And also because Vince became this character that was supposed to be sort of seamless and perfect, you know? What would evidence of a normal human body do to his mystique?

Yeah, it always struck me as so interesting that there was all this fussing about hiding Noel’s nipples, while Howard was getting his tits out for almost every episode in the second series! But there is a gendered double standard there, I think, because he IS the woman and reads as female (or at least as not ONLY male), and also… yeah, Vince is a precious special unicorn, or has that kind of aura. He’s supposed to be above things like ingrown hairs or nip slips, right? 😉


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