I have so many thoughts about The Hitcher as a perfect villain. Because he’s comic and ridiculous and the great super villains have that sense of unreality and absurdity about them, and yet he’s also a personification of a very real terror, the man lurking in the dark with cruel intent. He can be fought with the sound knowledge that he will be beaten at the end of the adventure but can never be vanquished for good, he will always be there, the idea of evil, ready for the moment when a crack appears for him to slip in to the story again. He is strange and grotesque and yet so recognisable. He is the classic wicked witch, Baba Yaga, Jack the Ripper, the glint of a blade in a darkened alley, and that creepy old uncle with rotten breath and wandering hands. He is every inch a villain. But it doesn’t stop there. The Hitcher is doubly disturbing because he is brought to life by a man who effortlessly combines a cheeky sort of sexuality with a whimsical innocence which leaves the viewer feeling disturbingly attracted to a villain designed to be comedically grotesque. Ok, so my thoughts aren’t particularly coherent but I have many and they basically culminate in the fact that I really appreciate The Hitcher as a villain.

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