tbh so many ppl miss out on appreciating steve rogers as a character when they dismiss the value of Steve Rogers: Asshole like being a perfect pure cinnamon roll 24/7 has its merits but it’s also 99% incongruous w/

  • angry smol pre-serum dandelion prepared 2 kick everyone’s ass including his own
  • ‘steve don’t do the thing’ ON VA VOIR motherfuckers
  • literally jogs directly past sam every morning for months probably just to say ‘on ur left’ every single time this smug super soldier fuck
  • wears smediums ??????? when u kno dat boi kno
  • backflip parkouring out of a building with both middle fingers up @ shield
  • launches a motorcycle at the Enemy and then pulls this innocent ‘it just slipped’ bs
  • ‘ sometimes my teammates don’t tell me things ’ hoooo Boy
  • soft core porn lumberjock tears up a log w/ his bare hands bc y not
  • ‘ if they kill you walk it off ’ tHIS LINE IS just hilarious to me bc out of steve’s entire Big Moving Inspirational Speech repertoire it always stands out
  • rips the A off his suit after the avengers break up during cacw lmao this highkey drama queen™

y’all are sincerely missing out


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