Dear everyone who says “Oh it doesn’t matter who I vote for, Trump will never win”… it does matter. It absolutely does matter.

Britain gave in to the racist and xenophobic rhetoric. And the consequences to the EU – and to the world at large – will be catastrophic.

I don’t care if you hate Hillary. I don’t care if you think Hillary killed your cat and stole your yogurt. I don’t care. You have to vote for her. You HAVE to vote for her. You cannot allow a megalomaniac racist piece of shit like Donald Trump become the President of the United States of America.

Do not give in to fear and hatred. Do not allow xenophobia and bigotry to run this nation. Do not. Do not. Do not.

I never thought I’d see the day where a nation like Great Britain allowed hatred and fear to rule. Don’t let that happen here.

There are people in the UK who voted for the Leave campaign, despite not really wanting it, thinking it would never win. BBC World Service said earlier that there were some people voting Leave purely in protest against David Cameron. This is the result. Please, USA, I am begging you to not make the same mistake.

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