There is a petition to try and call another referendum about the EU, with a rule asking for a 60% majority before a decision is made. Yes this is a shitty time, but hopefully there’s still a chance to fix things. The Leave campaign have already gone back on some of their promises before the referendum, so please, if you can, can you sign this? If we get 100 000 signatures parliament have to debate it, so please. Even if you’re not in the UK if you can share this to try and get it out there, that would be fantastic. Here’s the link:

It’s already at 119,000 signatures, which is above the number required, but please, everyone keep sharing and signing this petition. Imagine the impact it might make being brought up in Parliment if they have to note that it has half a million signatures, or even more! They NEED to know how many people oppose the outcome of this wildly damaging referendum.


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