The Mighty Boosh autistic headcanon ramblings:


Okay I’ve
seen someone say that Howard could probably be autistic and I totally agree so I’ll get back to that later!

But please
take a moment to consider… Autistic Vince Noir:

special interests include fashion, Gary Numan and other pop stars probably.

often doesn’t understand when someone is lying to him or being sarcastic and
usually goes along with what his ‘cool’ friends tell him to (the record scene…
Ow my heart).

also often doesn’t register if he’s hurting people’s feelings and quite often
intrude people’s personal space without realizing.

often stims by messing with his hair or biting his thumb (he really hates that
he does this because it makes his thumb look gross, but it’s hard to stop), but
he also loves visual stimming to glitter/sparkly things (cute Howince-ish
headcanon about this further down) and also mirrors!

likes bright colours and looking at flashing lights, but understands why Howard
doesn’t like it that much.

And yeah I
definitely see Howard Moon as autistic (because of course I do) so let me talk
about that too:

doesn’t like eye contact or being touched very much (especially when he’s
trying to talk at the same time).

special interests include Jazz (obviously), but also various poetry, books and avant-garde

audio stims with jazz (his jazz trance is totally stimming) and loves to run
his fingers over various soft fabrics.

he’s socializing he usually ends up info dumping on people without realizing
and probably comes off as too forward.

often bolts or freezes (catatonia) in scary/stressful situation.

doesn’t like bright colours or flashing lights and much prefers muted colours
(shades of brown) and soft lighting, but it doesn’t bother him too much
(luckily since he lives with an actual human rainbow).

Also some
thoughts about both Howard and Vince:

and Vince instantly bonded as children because they seemed to get each other
better than other (allistic) kids.

total opposites (which sometimes causes a few problems, but no too much), but
they understand each other’s needs so they’ve stuck together.

● I think they both probably had a special interest in animals/the zoo in series one and
that Vince finds it easier to be around the animals than other people (hence
his special bond with Bollo and other animals).

and Vince often infodump on each other even though they don’t share many interests,
because they trust each other and know the other won’t get seriously annoyed by

think crimping is a type of echolalia/scripting.

I’m probably about to get a bit ship-y and also very cheesy)

I’ve been
entertaining myself recently with the thought of Howard noticing that Vince
really loves visual stimming with glitter and gets him a bunch of glittery toys
and items to stim with (glitter jars, sparkly jewelry, etc.). Also I think he
would try to find Vince a pretty chewing necklace so he can stop biting his
thumb so much… I actually kind of made a tag of things Vince would stim to on my stim
blog (it’s here if you’re curious).

Lastly I
think Naboo could probably be autistic and occasionally nonverbal, but I don’t
(currently) have any more thoughts about that…


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