#oh my goddddddd stitch’s face#that narrow-eyed staring#sucking his lower lip into his mouth and *biting*#half judgement and half jealousy and half DESPERATE LUST#resenting pete for being so tactless and exhibitionist#but also ohgodohfuck look at him god stitch wants to suck on his tongue#bite his lip#fffffff#i love how on the first watchthrough of sweet#it’s not immediately apparent that stitch is pining after pete#but once you KNOW oh my god it’s there in every scene#look at how many more bottles are on his side of the table– like MAYBE THIS WILL BE BEARABLE if he just gets drunk enough#plus a champagne flute? stitch you toff#i also love how pete starts that kiss off all gentle#little smile and eyelashes fluttering open to make sure it’s alright and a gentle press of his lips#but then once he’s done that WHAM right in there with the tongue#the movement of his body into poppy#(and christy just look at his crotch in that last gif. TELL YOUR COCK TO CALM DOWN PETE)#and dave just… drumming away on the table apparently completely oblivious to both the tension and the snogging (via @culumacilinte)


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