Loose Tapestries Presents The Luxury Comedy Tapes


The theme tune is inspired by the title track of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tusk’. We wanted it to sound like a musical, y’know, like Hair. Noel started off with this rhythm that we got off Fleetwood Mac, and the chorus is almost evangelical, kinda like The Polyphonic Spree. I wanted it to sound like a kids’ theme tune. Something like Rainbow.— Serge about the Luxury Comedy Theme

It sounds a bit like Silver Apples and Suicide, with a strange kid of folk vocal. That’s what’s been so amazing about working with Noel, his ability to just sing and come up with things really quickly. ‘The Decision’ is AMAZING, actually. It’s one of the ones where we looked at each other and were like, ‘Shit, this is actually really good.’ I’d be happy to go and tour that.— Serge about The Decision

This is sort of Beefheart-esque. It’s sort of tribal but then it’s also like a games teacher song. It’s about a chocolate finger whose wife has died. He used to have a partner but now he only plays swingball on his own. That’s why he’s got the swingball blues. It’s a sad story, but a great song.— Serge about Swingball Blues

It’s a bit like Prince and it’s got a bit of a Barry White feel to it, we’ve pitched Noel’s voice right down so he sounds really deep. But it sounds more like when the police change a criminal’s voice… it’s really trippy.— Serge about Strawberry Sunrise

(’cause i just love these and i’ve not had them on my page before)


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