like honestly I just keep thinking about the scar Amy would get from a lightning strike. When it healed it would look like she had a tree on her skin. how do you think she and the other flowers would react to it?


This is wonderful, anon.

As for reactions, Amy would love how unique it is, how ‘quirky’ but all her own. She will sit on her bed and blot watercolours over it, down to the roots in her fingertips. Donald suggest as getting it tattooed, if she likes it that much (‘it’s a scar you moron, it’s permanent already’ she replies.)
Maurice and Deborah do a lot of hesitant questioning, whether it hurts and if she wants it covered somehow. Surgeries, makeup, maybe Deborah can lend a scarf or wrap?
Amy is actually kind of excited to show it off, scrawled around her arms and across her back. Maurice feels exactly the opposite about scars, but loves that Amy has embraced it as something to inspire her. Something they can talk about. She’s something out of a storybook, now, a really messed up and dark one. That’s a connection Maurice understands.

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