Loose Tapestries’ Exploration of Musical Genres

With the release of the Loose Tapestries’ second album, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how impressively Noel and Serge have explored and incorporated different musical genres.  I thought it would be a fun project to see just how many different styles have been featured so far, although I will need some input from you lovely lot as there are quite a few songs that seem to defy categorization. (And isn’t that just a fascinating discussion in and of itself).

I’ve done my best to pick out the main songs from each album (featured in bold) and to note any songs that either fit neatly into a musical genre or borrow from one.  Interestingly, a few of the songs not only exemplify the genre, but strongly evoke a particular artist (in some cases very intentionally, see (I’d Rather Be) Plasticine for The Ramones and Strawberry Sunrise for Barry White). The Triangle Song is a bit of a mystery; it obviously borrows heavily from Die Antwoord’s vocal stylings but isn’t really hip hop. In the Garden & the Cucumbers of Cool is a brilliant blend of The Kinks/The Beatles/Syd Barrett-era Floyd.  Serge has mentioned several of the inspirations behind some of the tracks on the first album, noted below.

Really, though, if someone can tell me what The Decision is (aside from brilliant) I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Loose Tapestries Presents the Luxury Comedy Tapes

  1. Melon
  2. Luxury Comedy Theme – Pop Rock (insp. by Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk)
  3. The Decision – Psycadelic Electronic
  4. Eyeball Seesaw – Southern Rock
  5. Take Your Little Black Pants Off
  6. Ghost of a Flea (Happy Birthday Song) – Prog Rock
  7. Surrounded by Shape Shifting Werewolves – Psychadelic Prog Rock
  8. Bing Bong Changes – French Jazz/Pop
  9. The Jelly Fox Part 2
  10. Me and My FlamingoCountry Blues
  11. Moon Dog
  12. Mash Potato Life ShapesEuropop
  13. Spanish Brothers
  14. Swing Ball Blues – Blues Rock (insp. by Captain Beefheart)
  15. Brown Hatted Son of a BitchOutlaw Country
  16. The Jelly Fox Part 3
  17. Strawberry SunriseR&B (insp. by Barry White and Prince)
  18. The Adventures of Fantasy Man
  19. Fantasy Man ThemeVideo Game
  20. Alan Hansen’s Peg Bag
  21. Bye Bye Baby – Rockabilly


  1. Boombox AdagioClassical
  2. Suck My Beans
  3. Tales from Painted Hawaii – Pop with elements of Hawaiian Folk
  4. Paul PanferSurf Music
  5. Live for the Night (Cocaine City)Disco
  6. GoblinsMinstrel Ballad (I know this isn’t really a genre)
  7. Saving TerryCalypso
  8. Imagine a Mouse with Rulers for Legs
  9. New York Cop
  10. Don’t Do DrugsReggae
  11. Hawaiian Stingray
  12. In the Garden & The Cucumbers of CoolSixties Pop/Psychadelic Rock
  13. Dr. Doorag
  14. The Triangle Song
  15. That Friday FeelingElectronic (I’m sure there’s a more appropriate sub-genre)
  16. Fantasy Zone
  17. Fantasy vs. Reality
  18. (I’d Rather Be) PlastacinePunk
  19. All Bleeding Coming TogetherSoft Rock/Piano Rock
  20. Can’t Wait For ChristmasChristmas Pop

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