Misfits Alert: It’s Coming to American TV!

Normally, I would include news like this as part of my Meandering Around the Interwebs feature, but this is simply too exciting to bury amidst other news items. Frankly, I’m shocked I hadn’t learned about this before today, and am sad to say that I spent the better part of an hour convinced that the relevant date was today, June 19, rather than July 19. To say that I’m upset to have to wait an extra month is an understatement.

So what is this fantastic news? Well, my friends, perhaps you’ll remember this post from a few months back in which I extolled the wonders of British TV show Misfits. Until now, Misfits has been available to American audiences for viewing on Hulu only. But that’s soon to change, as LOGO has purchased the rights to air the first four seasons starting Thursday, July 19 at 10 p.m. As of now, only three seasons have been filmed, with the fourth scheduled to air on the BBC later this year. However, I can fully endorse these first three seasons as some of the best television viewing I’ve seen in years. Misfits doesn’t shy away from the unsanitized, gritty humor that can be found in the mundane aspects of life- even if mundanity is now defined in the context of supernatural-storm-induced powers. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s wonderful.

If you love urban fantasy, miss the witty pop-culturisms of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, hide X-Men comics under your bed, or are a closet Anglophile, then I guarantee this is the show for you.


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