Beneath the Dust Jacket: Looking for Alaska by John Green

Beneath the Dust Jacket is a new feature in which I spotlight some exceptionally pretty books and the little artistic details that set them apart.

I was recently at an author event at a cool little indie bookstore (post on that to come later), and since we arrived a couple of hours early, obviously the only thing to do was browse. Now, I have sort of a thing, a tick you might call it: if I see a used hardcover of an author I read, I check to see if it’s signed. You’d be surprised how often my inclination turns out to be right.

I’ve actually got several signed John Green books gracing my shelves (he’s no stranger to the sharpie when it comes to his books, although sadly my copy of The Fault in Our Stars is sans-Hankler fish). When I saw a copy of Looking for Alaska residing in the used children’s book section, I opened it up, not intending to buy it if it actually were signed even though my trade paperback version is just the standard unsigned type. Yet I spotted a twenty-dollar price penciled in on the first page and knew I must be onto something. Turns out, this one wasn’t merely signed, oh no: I managed to snag a copy with a John Green inscription that shows him geeking out about another author. I instantly knew that this lovely was coming home with me.

Daniel Wallace is a local author (he was actually the commencement speaker at my high school graduation), yet he’s not just a small-town celeb. He’s the author of Big Fish, a great book in its own right, and one that was turned into a movie by none other than Tim Burton. As you can imagine, this three-degrees of separation game sort of cemented the deal for me.

To Daniel Wallace-

From a fan.

With all best wishes-

John Green, 2010


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