Game of Tennis

I’m fond of fandom crossovers, and while I’m sure many of you guys don’t particularly care about what’s going on in the tennis world, I happen to be an avid follower of the sport. So when my friend sent me these pictures he made in a flash of inspiration the other day, I knew I had to post this book-tv-tennis mashup. I now present the top contenders in the Game of Tennis (Game of Thrones-style).

Rafael Nadal as Khal Drogo is: Khal Nadal. The Merciless Leader Who Nearly Never Loses on His Home Turf.

David Ferrer as Jaime “Kingslayer” Lannister is: Kingacer. The Handsome Soldier Looking to Dethrone the Reigning Champ.

Novak Djokovic as Robb Stark is: Novak Starkovic. The Young Gun Who Seems Unbeatable Since Recent Rise to Power.


Roger Federer as Jaqen H’ghar is: Feder R’gar. The Smooth, Sneaky Assassin with Unparalleled Skills.

Andy Murray as Theon Greyjoy is Andy Greyanger: The Underdog with Heaps of Expectation But Too Flustered to Deliver.


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