Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a meme created at the blog of the same name that poses a different question about reading each week.

This week’s questions is:

Do you have any pet that has a name inspired by your readings?

If not, what would you pick if you DID?

Do any of your friends have book-based names for their pets? (Or their children?)

Oddly enough, my dog is actually named after a book character. Four years ago, when my family was still deeply embroiled in debates regarding what our new puppy should be called, we were tossing out every idea imaginable. At the time, I was just beginning to discover urban fantasy, though I was still mainly reading works on the literature shelves as opposed to fantasy series. Thus, one of the authors in heavy rotation at the time happened to be Neil Gaiman, and I had just finished reading American Gods (which, funnily enough, is probably my least favorite of his works). Still, I was enamored of the fantastical worlds that this genre offered, and so I thought that Shadow would be a lovely dog name. Luckily, my family agreed.

Although if I had had my druthers, he would have been named Eyre. It’s for the best, though, since (1) it’s a rather feminine name and, (2) as such, it is lead in the running for things to name my future child. She will probably hate me.

I don’t believe any of my friends have named their pets after literary characters, but it’s an intriguing enough concept that I’ll have to ask around.

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