Shipping Saturdays

I’ve decided that since Saturdays are so lonely and memeless, I would create one of my own. It seems like many bloggers (including myself) can’t help but swoon and sway over the character  relationships that comprise many of our favorite books and series, yet we often overlook those who aren’t front and center. Shipping Saturdays is a weekly meme dedicated to highlighting all of our favorite pairings that are non-canon, unpopular, unnoticed, and unrequited. It’s not limited to books, so feel free to share those film and television couples whose ship you would readily go down with, yet don’t get the attention they deserve.

It’s no secret that I love a good slowburn romance, and Seanan McGuire has produced

Toby and Tybalt- Shadows by Irrel

one of the best in her Toby Daye series. From the first shadowy verbal crossfire in the opening chapter of Rosemary and Rue, I knew that Toby and Tybalt would become one of my favorite UF couples. McGuire has strung readers along for five novels now, and while Toby is seemingly warming up to the idea of letting Tybalt into her life (subconsciously at least), nothing is certain yet. It’s the best kind of torture, for the ever-decreasing distance between Toby and Tybalt doesn’t feel artificially prolonged. These two have history, the kind that won’t be swept away by a fleeting moment of lust. This just underscores one of the many reasons why Toby is one of my favorite female protagonists; she thinks before she acts, and usually does so wisely. Unfortunately, it appears that all this thinking will keep fans waiting for a while longer, but as long as the tension remains so delicious, I won’t complain.

See more of Irrel’s artwork at the deviantart gallery here.


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