Shipping Saturdays

I’ve decided that since Saturdays are so lonely and memeless, I would create one of my own. It seems like many bloggers (including myself) can’t help but swoon and sway over the character  relationships that comprise many of our favorite books and series, yet we often overlook those who aren’t front and center. Shipping Saturdays is a weekly meme dedicated to highlighting all of our favorite pairings that are non-canon, unpopular, unnoticed, and unrequited. It’s not limited to books, so feel free to share those film and television couples whose ship you would readily go down with, yet don’t get the attention they deserve.

I passed over Gini Koch’s Kitty Katt series so many times I lost count. Sci-fi has never really been my forte, and the descriptions made it sound far too cheesy to be to my liking. Nevertheless, after having read rave reviews from one of my respected fellow bloggers at Tempting Persephone, I decided to give the series a try, and am I ever glad I did. Koch’s storytelling is just this side of crazy with a dose of cheese-factor, but it works. Her characters take a bit of time to warm up to, but eventually they worm their ways into your heart. While the main pairing of Kitty and Jeff works well, the relationship that has sustained my attention for four books now rests between Kitty and her best friend Reader. I won’t go into too much detail for those of you who have yet to read this hilarious series, but Koch allows their relationship to unfold in such an unexpected yet lovely fashion, highlighting how the strongest love doesn’t always have to come with romantic intimacy attached.

Even if you believe that sci-fi isn’t your thing, do yourself a favor and give the Kitty Katt series a chance.


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