Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday is a meme created at the blog of the same name that poses a different question about reading each week.

This week’s questions is: What do you look for when reading a book blog? Does the blogger have to read the same genre? Do you like reviews? Personal posts? Memes? Giveaways? What attracts you to a book blog?

Since I utilize book blogs as my main source for finding new books, I stick to blogs that focus on the same genres I read. Fellow blogger reviews are an invaluable resource for navigating through the oceans of new releases, especially for a spoiler-hound such as myself. While memes and giveaways are a nice addition, it’s really the reviews that I’m after, and I appreciate when someone takes the time to enunciate the why, not just the what, of their feelings toward a novel. That being said, I believe appearance is the most critical factor determining whether I will follow a blog or not. With the plethora of options to choose from, an organized, well-structured website helps to distinguish a blog from its peers.


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